Welcome to the official page for the House of X Podcast!

We hope you enjoy your journey with us as we discuss all things X! We are just a calm fanboy and a ranting fangirl bopping around, discussing current comics, giving opinions, and giggling our butts off . . . and that’s a whole lot of butt! Join us for this silly ride as we enjoy discussing our favorite fandom!

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About Us


This is a new journey for Dylan and Regina, as we begin a new journey into podcasting. 

Dylan and Regina became friends through the House of X (HOX) Facebook group. The group is devoted to X-men comics, and Dylan is the creator. Random chats between Dylan and Regina ended up becoming much more than either ever expected! Regina eventually became an admin of HOX and the two grew closer.

Both Dylan and Regina are huge fans of the X-men. During the Covid19 pandemic of 2020, they expanded from being group admins of HOX to hosting House of Tea in the group, a semi-regular livecast talking about X-men and whatever else comes to mind. 

Dylan and Regina had previously been part of a group podcast and eventually decided to transition to hosting their own podcast independently. So here they are!

Hope you enjoy! 

What else to know about us . . .

Yeah . . . . 

We are those SJWs you hear about all the time.

Pro LGBTQIA? Check. 

Pro BLM? Check. 

Pro Feminism? Check. 

Use “woke” vocabulary? Check. 

People often claim comics are not political, and it’s possible to not look past the explosions, boob windows, thongs, bikinis, short-shorts, skin tight spandex, and KAPOW word bubbles. But X-men, in particular, addresses the oppressed minority . . . people who don’t quite “fit,” people that others may find discomfiting, people that often have little or no voice. And WE STAN. 

So here we are. Two good friends, talking. It’s going to come up. Regina is going to grouse about artists that manage to make Jubilee look skanky or ignores her history as a good mom, and Dylan will bring up the lack of representation for various groups of people. This is who we are. We don’t pretend to speak for anyone, but (Regina in particular) will will be ranting, and laughing, and talking about what the X-men mean for us. The great thing is, they mean something different to everyone. That is one of the things that make them great. We hope you enjoy what we have to say, and if you don’t, we hope you laugh. And if you don’t laugh, well . . . sorry/not sorry. We won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and that is perfectly ok. We are just here to talk about one of our great loves . . . the X-men. Excelsior!